What I can offer

What I can Offer

I offer a wide range of services to support families, professionals and others in their work with children and young people.

Support Network

A support network for parents of children and young people displaying destructive, controlling, aggressive and challenging behaviors through my blogs and responses to questions I have been asked. I endeavour to tailor my writing to suit the needs of my audience. 

Training for Professionals 

I can offer a bespoke training package to professionals such as social workers, youth workers, education providers, residential care staff and many more in Non Violent Communication and Effective Parenting. 
Contact me to discuss your needs and for more information.. 

One to One Non Violent Resistance programme to families

This can be offered in a pre-booked programme one-one or via Skype sessions. Please contact me to discuss your needs and budget.

Group Parenting Support 

Support a number of participants in how to better manage challenging behavior in their young people. This is a monthly paid support group where I will offer my expertise and you can use the experiences from others to help you. 
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