About Me

About Me

I am married to my husband Mark and we have a beautiful daughter. I am horse mad, owning two lovely horses who are my other babies. When I am not with my family, which include my horses, I love to spend time with friends. I am married to a cricket mad husband and now cricket mad daughter. Sports is a big part of our family. I am also Disney Mad, I love pretty much everything Disney. 

I have over 12 years experience of working with vulnerable children, young people and adults. My goal has always been to support people to live their lives to the fullest and to enable people to become resilient and happy. 
My Vision
I want to help families to live happy, safe and positive lives and for children and young people to grow up feeling safe, happy and able to thrive. I want families to be resilient. I also want children living in care to be able to thrive and feel happy and safe. 
Who do I support?
I offer support to parents and carers who live with challenging older children and young people to be able to reflect on their parenting and to be able to learn new strategies to better support their families, rebuild relationships and prevent such damaging behaviors. 

Professionals working with families with troubled young people. I offer bespoke training packages to professionals working with young people displaying destructive and challenging behaviours.

Foster carers / Residential Staff and other professionals working with older children and young people who are displaying self destructive and challenging behaviors. 

So what is it I do? 
My specialist subject area is Parenting Troubled Teens. I am trained in Non-Violent Resistance which is an approach to overcoming destructive, aggressive, controlling and risk taking behaviors. This is something I incorporate in my work supporting children and their families. 
In my experience of working with teenagers the biggest thing they will they say about their parents is that they wish they had listened to them and supported them more in the challenging times of their lives. Whilst parents tell me that they do listen and support. So I am using my coaching skills and experience to help families to communicate effectively. 
Communication for me is a key factor to helping families to develop and rebuild relationships. 
I offer bespoke packages to suit individual needs and many budgets including free blogs and informatithrough this site.
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